Break Time

During the break I will be getting done important things for my project. I need to make up a 30 second speech for a commercial that will air on ATC radio.  My goal is to get more people out to come to meetings.  I will also be writing up a follow up email to the group.  I think it will take a few takes to make the commercial.  I will have to make a clever spcheel when writing it.  I have to make it as appealing as it can be.  I will also have to think about targeting an audience.  I have to nail my audience and then market to them.  Right after the break I will be going to Windsor Park Collegiate to do a presentation at the career intern class, so I will have to write up that.  I will also have to plan for my second meeting wich will be on the second Tuesday after school starts back.  Last but not least I will be writing up my script for the final presentation.  I am excited to get off school and have a break.  It is bittersweet for me because soon after in January Propel will be over.

Lesson Learned

This Tuesday I had an important meeting for my project. I planned the meeting out and created an agenda.  On Sunday night I decided to phone up everyone that signed up in the first place on Caps night back In October.  It was about 7:00 pm on Sunday night when I started to contact people.  It was really awkward because I talked to numerous parents.  I talked to about 15 people.  Eight of them said that they would probably attend the meeting.  I was feeling positive at first after making the phone calls.

On Monday night when I planned my meeting I got a text at 9:00 Pm from Joseph.  He said he couldn’t come in on Tuesday evening.  I went in to a panic following that.  I had to run the meeting all be myself.  Only two of the eight people showed up that said they would.  I had another student that heard it from her career development teacher.  I was very disappointed at this point.  Although we came up with some good ideas it wasn’t good enough for me.  I tried to get as many people as I could to attend the meeting.

Next meeting I know I have to let everyone know a lot sooner. I want at least 10 people at our next meeting.  I believe if I would’ve let numerous principals know 2 weeks before I would’ve had a better turnout.  I thought I worked hard but I was mistaken.  For our next meeting I will be making an announcement on LRSD radio at the Arts and Tec centre.  Next week I will hopefully be going down to Windsor Park Collegiate to do a quick presentation.  On the bright side we did get one more student than the last meeting.  I know I have to work extra hard in getting students out to our meetings.

First meeting

This week I ran my first meeting for my project.  It was on Tuesday night from 5:30 until 7:00.  Before the meeting I sent out one email 2 weeks prior and a second reminder email a few days before.  I also sent out a calendar reminder through Gmail.  Twenty seven people signed up on Caps night and only 2 people attended the meeting.  I didn’t expect many people to come.  The two individuals who came seemed very dedicated.  It’s really hard to get people out because students are really busy with sports, part time jobs, homework and other school commitments.  At this point I am not expecting a huge turnout at all.  I know it is not realistic.  All my previous goals were realistic.  I learned how to set a realistic goal when I was 12.  I’m not sure what my goal will be for this project yet but I know that all the 27 people who signed up will not all attend.  unlike other propel projects I plan on doing this until I graduate in two years.  One of my teachers said that hopefully 20 students will show up to regular meetings by the end of the semester.  I personally don’t think this is realistic.  I think maybe 10 people will come to the meetings.  I have put in a lot of work so far in trying to get people to come out.  I gave people 2.5 weeks notice before the first meeting.


At the meeting we discussed mental health and education.  We all agreed on having a mental health half day workshop at high schools in our division.  Last year we had one but it was unsuccessful.  I feel the activities we participated in weren’t thought out enough.  I feel the were meant for elementary students.  Some people who went to the event felt they could’ve stayed home and studied; it wasn’t a good use of their time.  When we discussed education the 2 other students talked about having someone come in from a university or college in the city and explain the basics of applying and basic terms to small groups of students.  An example would the difference between a major and minor.  The 2 students attended various information nights and also looked online.  They both didn’t understand the terms and language involved.  It was a productive week.  I am planning to have another meeting this Friday.  My hope is that more than 2 people will attend.



This week was productive.  In the early week I worked on my toastmasters public speaking.  I also worked on the gantt chart.  Today I had to contact all the schools and type up announcements for them.  It took a while because I wasn’t sure what to say.  It also had to be really short so I had to make changes a lot.  Finially during lunch I sent the email.  Hopefully next week when we have our first Louis Riel Youth Council meeting a lot of people will show up.  I am nervous for that.  I will be disappointing if very few people show up.  I worked hard writing the emails and trying to get individuals out.  This week I also had an hour long skype chat with some individuals involved in last weeks Parler sessions.  We summed up what went well and what could be improved upon.


On Tuesday evening I saw the problems in our country through the eyes of young people.  It was really inspiring for me to see so many people that are engaged in their community.  This definitely shatters the generation Z/millennial stereotype as being self absorbed, and unaware of the world around us.  On Tuesday I went to The Winnipeg Free Press News Café.  Joe Darcel, who is helping me with my project ran the event.  Every table had a different topic.  The topics were  health, education, the environment and culture.  I was a facilitator at the education table.  We talked about the price of post-secondary education, adjusting the school curriculum, and international student fees.  I really learned a lot.  Nick Curry the MLA for Kildonan also attended.

On Thursday from 11:00-1:00 to the social planning committee of Winnipeg annual report meeting.  It was about social and affordable housing.  This ties into my project because this is an important issue facing youth in our city.  I learned that our city is in desperate need of affordable and social housing.  What we need is Co-Op housing.  Co-Op housing is beneficial because all the people living in it will have the same  exact apartment.  There also has to be proper programs in apartments in order to make it sustainable for everyone.  Co-Op housing could have families, University Students, refugees and low income indivudias.  The last thing that certain individuals need is isolation in housing.

On Friday I went to We Day.  It was really inspiring for me.  Last year I initiated a household goods drive for Syrian refugees living in Winnpeg.  We collected cutlery, dishes, pots and other things like that.  All the donations went to Cresentwood-Fort Rouge united church.  The message from WE Day is that anyone can make a difference.

Caps Night

On Monday night, I was at a table at CAPS with Joseph Darcell and we were trying to get students to sign up for the Louis Riel youth council.  Joseph came a half hour late but before Joseph came we had very few people signed up. When Joseph came, we had a lot more students wanting to be signed up.  He really helped convince students and their families to be part of the council.  When the evening wrapped up, about 25 students were on the list.  I wasn’t expecting that many students to be interested in the Louis Riel youth council.

Our first meeting is On Tuesday November 15th at 6 pm at The Winnipeg Free Press News Café’.  A few local politicians will attend as well as a few possible news stations that Joseph has invited. So far there has been no reply back from the news stations.  All the politicians will have a topic to say their opinion on and all the topics talked about will be issues facing youth in Winnipeg.  On Tuesday, I had a follow up meeting with three other high school students also involved in the youth council.  We all decided the five important issues we wanted to talk about on Tuesday are mental health, unemployment, post-secondary education costs, refugees in our community, and the sustainability of the environment.  I’m really looking forward to Tuesday and I’m hoping it’s interesting to hear what these politicians are going to say about these issues facing youth.  The youth are the future so every policy the politicians make will affect the youth down the road and we will inherit the future.

On Tuesday I also walked around to see the other booths.  I went by the University of Manitoba booth because I am interested in taking Political Science in university and I’m not sure where I want to go yet.  I am either going to U of M or U of W and I wanted more information on the cost of tuition.  I found out that it is around $5000 per year, more depending on the course you are taking.  I am gearing myself toward not taking any student loans.  It’s going to be challenging but I think I can do it I set my priorities straight.

Getting On The Highway

This week I got a lot of things done for my project.  I met with Joseph Darcell on Wednesday  morning.  We discussed what we wanted the youth council to do in the community.  We are going to have a meeting here at our school on November 15th with the people who signed up at the Caps day.

Next Tuesday there will be a meeting with a small group of people also involved in the youth council.  All the people involved in helping Joe are all high school students.  We are having the meeting to organize the event on November 15th.

Meanwhile before the event I have to put up posters around the other high schools in our division advertising about our youth council.  In my opinion high unemployment and the rising costs of Post Secondary University are some local issues facing youth in Winnipeg.

A New Direction

Last week I decided that I want to switch my idea for my project.  I am no longer going to be adding information to the Upper Fort Garry park.  After taking with Mr. Magnifico for a long time I decided that I would switch my idea.

I was unsure what my new idea would be.  On Wednesday all afternoon I had a long talk with Mr. Magnifico.  He suggested that I could help out with Joseph Darcell, the only Manitoban chosen for the Prime Ministers youth council.  He needs a high school student to help him with empowering youth in the community.

I’m not sure what I am going to do fo my project yet.  I know I want to empower youth in the community.  I have an idea of starting a youth council.  I’m not sure yet though.  I have to  talk to Joeseph since i’m working with him.

I am more passionate about this project then I was my previous one.  The goal of this project is to bring attention the issues facing generation Z.  Hopefully we will change the community or change people’s minds about the important issues.


Starting Our Projects

This week in propel we read a few pages of creative Inc.  The author who wrote it also wrote the movie Monsters Inc.  It was a really interesting article.  It talked about what failure means.  It really related to Propel in that sense.  One line that stuck out to me was “Pete and his crew never believed that a failed approach meant they had failed.  Instead, they saw that each idea led them a bit closer to finding the better option”.  These people are very inspiring.  I think most people don’t think like that because they see failure as a waste of time and money.  In our projects we are all probably going to go down the wrong path.  Just because we go down the wrong path that doesn’t mean that it is a “failure”.

I am starting to research Upper Fort Garry.  I am not sure if I am going to do an app or not.  I can’t edit the current one.  I talked to Mrs. Smallwood the vice principal of our school.  She told me that I will need to email The Forks because they oversee Upper Fort Garry.  Once I email The Forks telling them what my ideas are a meeting will be set up for me.

It took the Friends of Upper Fort Garry years to get all that information.  It would be very hard for them to see the app changed.  I have an option to make an audio tape or make a separate app altogether for a specific age group.  I have to address the target audience and the purpose before anything else.  I’m not even sure at this point if I will make an app or not.  I don’t know anything about app development.  Anyway this week has definitely been a learning experience.  It wouldn’t be realistic for me to re-do the entire app.  It would take a long time.  It would be hard to decide what parts to leave in and what parts to leave out.

I am motivated to change this app because of the content. I personally find it too long.  The language is hard to understand for some people.  It has potential though.  More people would use it if it was changed.  If I cannot do an app then I will think of something else related in Upper Fort Garry.  Every day it is becoming more unlikely that I will develop a separate app.

The Forks


On Thursday we went to The Forks. Our purpose for visiting was to take pictures and learn more about this historic site.  We learned how to use a Microsoft program called sway.  I was in a group with Cecilia and Cassy.  Our theme for this project was the rejuvenation of The Forks.

Recently a renovation took place. The center court is new and improved.  Now there is a microbrewery.  They have Canadian and local made products.  The old space looked cluttered.  Now it has a modern look.  Our school now has a partnership with The Forks.  We will probably be going there often now.

It was really good to take a break from our usual assignments. I am getting to know the people in this program better from field trips like this.  Since we are all in the same classroom we really get to know each other well.  Next week we will finally be starting our projects.  Everyone is going to go through obstacles.  This will make us stronger people in the long run.